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Wheelchair Football

Our facility will offer football that has been adapted to concrete in order to maximize our fully ultra-accessible facility and will follow American football and flag football rules. Each team will have 11 people on the field at one time. The object is that you get the ball into the endzone to score a touchdown while moving the ball 15 yards every 4 plays.


The Registration "Wheelchair Football" is not currently available.

We are excited to have a NEW PRACTICE LOCATION! Morgan's Wonderland Sports will allow our STRAPS and inclusive programming to be better and stronger. With brand new lights, concrete surface, and more we will be able to train harder and be in a safe place for a family-friendly program. 

STRAPS Wheelchair Football

Our wheelchair football team competes statewide to test their skills and team ability in-game situations. We are currently rebuilding our team to compete with the newest guidelines provided by Move United Wheelchair Football League. This is a high paced sport for those with physical disabilities that can independently propel a chair.