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Goalball is a highly competitive sport played three-against-three, indoors on a gym floor--primarily by blind and visually impaired athletes.

STRAPS Goalball
Goalball is a sport adapted for anyone with a visual impairment. This program is an indoor sport that is played on a flat and smooth surface (typically a basketball court). It consists of two teams of 3 on opposing ends of the court with the objective to roll a 3 lbs. goalball with a bell inside down the court and passing the opposing team. The opposing team’s job is to block the ball by laying across the ground and attempting to block the ball with their entire body. This program follows the International Blind Sports Federation rules and regulations.

Hector Lara

Hello! My name is Hector Lara, and I am a visually impaired student at UTSA and an athlete with the STRAPS Fuego goalball team! I am a senior on a path to a Bachelor's in Kinesiology while aspiring to study occupational therapy! I love all sorts of music, outdoor activities, and sports, but goalball is hands-down one of my favorites.

I began playing goalball for the Texas School for the Blind in high school and was captivated by how we were able to play such a unique sport, with a fair playing field for all players, regardless of our vision. It's one of the best feelings listening to every footstep my opponent is making and then just blocking the goalball right in its path! I can’t wait to compete and don’t plan on stopping playing ever!

Luz Avalos

Hi my name is Luz! I’ve always loved to compete, and I always gave it 100% when I could see. I lost my eyesight in my early 20s it honestly gave me a huge fit of depression. I walk through life kind of just strolling through until I found blind sports I could play. Learning about baseball and goalball fired up my competitive side again and reminded me that nothing in life is ever made easy. We always have to fight and struggle for what we want and in the end, only the goals that we accomplish ourselves the ones worth fighting four.

David Smith

Growing up, I always aspired to be my favorite sports movie. You know, the ones where an athlete and/or team face insurmountable adversity only to triumph in the end. That is the life I always imagined and for the most part, the adversity aspect has always been true due to my vision impairment. Although I have triumphed in life in general, a sports championship has always eluded me due to my limited ability to play the sports I loved and the poor accessibility of blind sports in general. Blind sports found me in 2017 and reignited my dream. Now at 39, my dream of being a part of a championship team is more alive than ever before.  The reality is dreams cost money. The costs related to travel, equipment, lodging, and tournament fees are a real barrier for blind and visually impaired athletes. With your support, you could really make dreams come true. Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring the STRAPS San Antonio Fuegoe's Goalball team. Your possible contributions will never be forgotten.